BTQ Cards

Download a BTQ Card Sheet PDF

Download a BTQ Card Sheet (PDF).

Has someone you know and respect inadvertently used "Beg the Question" in the wrong manner? Are you too bashful to confront him about this all-too-pervasive evil to his face? BTQ Cards are here to help! Now you can slip someone a quick, discreet hint about the proper usage of BTQ without inciting a public and potentially violent philosophical conflict.

Download the card sheet PDF to print. The format should work on standard 2"x3.5" perforated business card sheets, or on plain old letter size printing paper. Drop one in the offering plate at church after a pastor's BTQ-laden sermon, send them to the newscaster or advertising copywriter in your life, or hand them to the president after his inaugural speech. (If Secret Service lets you, that is.) Just remember: these cards are meant to discreetly inform them of BTQ abuse, but they are no substitute for candor and respect.